Wordbase weekly beta release #3

Wordbase 0.4 is finally here with lots of new goodies:

* Notifications should work now
* In-app notifications
* Bases are highlighted
* Mines on the field, explodes in a + shape
* Danish wordlist
* Enhanced performance, doesn’t hang the app when reloading all games
* Shows last played word in the game
* Real data in the game over screen
* Improved handling of moves rejected by the server and issues when playing with two devices logged in with the same user
* Updated games list graphics
* Opening an notification takes you to the right game
* Play with or without mines
* Fixed the issue with numbers as names

Things to note:

* There are an issue with moves getting duplicated, which doesn’t make the game unplayable, but makes the game board reload on each move.
* If there was a server error posting a move, the board will reload, and the local move will be reverted.
* When starting a new game, you can choose between mines or no mines. This decision will only be taking into effect if you are the one creating the game, not if you get matched with another player straight away.
* End game not yet fully tested. It should show the game over screen with the real data, but nothing happens for the loser.

Happy testing 🙂