Wordbase weekly beta release #2

The next big update for Wordbase is ready! We have had a very busy week implementing a lot of new stuff, and it’s now finally ready. The new things in this version is:

* ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! You are now able to play with other people in Wordbase! Start a new game, and you will be matched up with a stranger. All your games and moves are stored on the server, so you can delete the app and all games will still be remembered. You can even pick up your iPad and continue your game!
* Facebook signup should now be working for everyone. If not, please let me know!
* A bunch of visual overhauls to the list screen and game screen, and new awesome sounds for everything.
* You will receive a push notification when it’s your turn to play!
* Press the ··· button on the game screen to get a list of played words.
* You can play as the blue player!


* Games will be updated when you enter the app, and will poll for updates every 30 seconds. The game will update if a push notification if received.
* Games can be deleted locally, but won’t delete on the server, and will reappear on next refresh.
* When the other player makes a move, the word is not shown yet (it will come later.) For now, just tap the ··· button if you want to know what was played.
* The game over screen still shows test data.
* The graphics for ended games in the list is not done.
* You can only make games against strangers.
* You can’t play without a Facebook profile.

Known issues:

* Push notifications are not very reliable. Some devices gets all notifications, some get none at all.
* You can’t make a move without an opponent. Wait until you’ve been matched with someone.
* We have experiences that long branch cutoffs will make the server timeout.
* You can still play moves on ended games, but the server will reject them.
* If you are in one game, and an opponent makes a move in another game, you won’t get a notification.
* The client/server communications still has to be properly tested, so there may still be issues with games deadlocking (it’s no players turn), or moves getting repeated.


* Keep in mind that it still needs some polish. Animations, transitions and UX can still be improved on a lot. We know 😉
* Make lots of games, and play regularly. Report all bugs and oddities on Podio. Try to find reproducible problems that can be properly described.
* Think a lot about how the gameplay works. Is it fun to play? If not, what would make it fun? What works and what doesn’t. Try out different tactics: play some games very offensive, others very defensive, and everything in between.

Have fun playing Wordbase!