Wordbase Leagues are here!

Hey Wordbasers!

Today we launch Leagues, a completely new way to enjoy Wordbase. For the first time, you will get the chance to engage in a long-term competition where you level up over time, qualifying to play with the best Wordbasers that are active in your language. Maybe one day you can call yourself the Champion?

This is how it works:

You join the League for a specific language. Every new calendar month is a new season, and the inaugural one kicks off on April 1. To participate, you need to sign up before the season starts, making midnight (CET) Friday, March 31, the cut-off time this season.

Once you have signed up, and the season started, you will be assigned to a series with 8 players, all of which play each other twice over the course of one month. When the season ends, you earn experience points based on your position in the series. You can also earn bonus points for playing the longest word or for being a fast player. When you earn enough points, you level up, securing play in a higher division for next month’s season.

To sign up for Leagues, go to the Settings tab in the app and click “Join League”. Then select language to compete in. This first season, there will be leagues for English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Spanish.

Wordbase Leagues comes with a cost of 8 000 points for 1 season, 16 000 points for 3 seasons or 32 000 points for 6 seasons. The winners of each series will always play for free the next season, so never give up on being the best of your series!

One more thing! If you already have Premium you will get one season for free to try it out.

To use this bonus, just go to the “Join League” tab and select one of the options. If you pick 1 month, the full cost of 8000 points will be covered for you. If you prefer to commit to 3 or 6 season, you receive 8000 points discount on those purchases instead.

Happy Wordbasing!