Wordbase Leagues – and our birthday!

Today it is three years since Wordbase was first released! And we are happy to take this opportunity to give a glimpse on our next big feature, which will be a league mode for Wordbase.

As some of you may know, when we acquired Wordbase last year we did not have that much experience running a smartphone game. Instead, we have spent nearly two decades building one of the most popular web games out there, the football management game Hattrick.

We loved Wordbase as it was and wanted to keep that essence of the game, but we also thought the game could benefit from new competition modes besides just having a ranking. We knew from Hattrick that having a league system is great fun and can really help build community. So we decided to design that for Wordbase as well.

Wordbase Leagues will be language-specific, which means there will be one for each active language. Like in any league competition, the goal is to beat your opponents in scheduled games, end up as the best of your series, and get promoted to the very top of the league where you can claim to be best of the best.

There will be 8 users in each series, each playing each other twice over the course of one (calendar) month. Games are spaced out over the course of the month so that not everything happens at once. At the end of the season, you earn points for your position in the league table, but also for other achievements during the season. Your points are used to level up, which means you can get promoted very quickly by winning everything or more slowly by achieving respectable positions over the course of a few seasons.

Every new season, series will be redrawn to make sure everyone gets to play with users with comparable skills to make the series as interesting as possible. The higher up you come in the league system, the fiercer the competition will be and the harder it will be to get promoted higher up – in the end of course only one player can claim to be the very best!

We’ve been play testing Leagues for the last month and we have to say it is a lot of fun! It adds a new dimension to have to keep track of what others are doing and when you have a game coming up with your main rivals for the league title.

Right now, we are planning a larger test in January and we hope to have a final release in February.

Participating in Wordbase Leagues will come at a small cost (in points) per season, but we will offer some way for Premium users to try it out for free, as well, so you can see if you enjoy the format. This offer might however not be during the first season, as we will be looking at scaling Leagues up carefully to make sure everything works as it should.

Finally: Happy birthday to all of us in the Wordbase community, and the very best wishes from us developers to you all for the upcoming holidays!