Game REPLAY in Wordbase

We are very pleased to introduce Game REPLAY in Wordbase. A feature that has been asked and begged for by YOU, the community, for a long time!

The feature will be a great asset especially to our large hard-core player base, as they like to analyse their played games to be better and win the next. However, it’s also great for any players who wish to broadcast their wins and brag about it!



The new feature Game REPLAY in Wordbase makes it possible for the you to see and replay a finished game and follow the moves step by step.

Replay of a game can be accessed on the score screen at the end of a game (or opening in an old game), and the feature will open up in an external link in a browser.

The chosen game will automatically replay in its full length, but can be paused, rewound or stepped through, turn by turn. You can also see the full list of words played and press each to see the replay from that point.

Share your game’s replay on Facebook or Twitter, and your friends and opponents will be able to see the replay as well.

We hope you like this feature that takes Wordbase to an even higher level of FUN =)