Wordbase Community vs. Team Wordbase – the epic Facebook Battle

Are YOU ready to battle against Team Wordbase?

Wordbase introduces the epic Facebook battle Wordbase Community vs. Team Wordbase starting today, Monday 22nd of June and lasting until one beats the other! Bid in with your suggested move(s), join the Community group for suggestions and to plan strategies against Team Wordbase, win points but most of all, have fun!


Team Wordbase will set up a board with a first move Monday 22nd of June 2015, between 12:00-13:00 (CTU+01:00), and the Community can bid in with their next move on Facebook. Every day the board is updated with the Community’s and the Wordbase Staff’s move.

Our dedicated Wordbaser Stewart Holden created a closed group for the community to discuss strategy and moves. You are welcome to join the group, though it’s not a must. Remember if you join the group that you still have to post your Wordbase name and suggested word in the replies to the board in the thread(s).

Do you think you can beat us? Let the games begin!


  • The game will be in English.
  • Our team will start a game and post a screenshot on Facebook of the board and the first played word that we chose.
  • You can bid in with your suggested words to play from ‘your’ side of the board in the post with the screenshot of the latest board.
  • When you reply – please write “Play: <The suggested word> “Username: <Username>”
    (example: Play: composer Username: Poul).
  • If you add more than one suggestion, you have to add them in separate replies and not in the same reply.
  • We will reward some selected active players in this Facebook game once a week with a point-gift. There will be an extra bonus to the people who managed to suggest the ‘winning’ word at the end (if the Community wins, that is :D)
  • We will, together with Stewart Holden, select the next move from the community, chosen between the suggested words (It might be worth joining the Community Group on Facebook).
  • For each new move from the community including the reply from us on the board, a new screenshot will be published on Facebook.
  • This will happen every weekday between 12-13 (UTC +01:00) (24 hours after the last move was posted).
  • From Friday 12-13 – the next move will be Monday morning, which means, no new moves will be added in the weekend, however you have the whole weekend to make suggestions, plan strategy, etc.

IMPORTANT: Keep the thread clean from spam and questions about Wordbase. If you have any questions or issues, please write support through the game settings 🙂

We will remove all replies not connected to the event. Do NOT discuss your moves in the thread – or the moves that Team Wordbase can make – but use the Community Facebook group for discussions! Keep it simple, keep it clean!

Happy Wordbasing 😀