Wordbase Breaks 1 Million Games Played

Boom! We’ve hit a major milestone we didn’t even dream about reaching so fast when we launched back in December 2013. Wordbase has passed 1 million games played and it’s all because of you! Every day, thousands of games are being played and today we finally did it. And it only took us 152 days!

1 million games translates to a remarkable 12.5 million words played in five short months. The average word length is 5 letters and most players have a word consisting of 7 letters as their longest played word. Words of 12 letters, which is the longest allowed word length in Wordbase, only counts for 0.03% of the total number of played words. In round numbers, words on 12 letters have only been played 3600 times!

Guess we have succeeded in making a word game that pushes the vocabulary to the limit after all 😉

Two winners of the 1 millionth game

The 1 millionth game was played on May 20 at 18:22 PM between the two Danish girls Celina313 and SofieF15 who eventually became the winner of the epic 12 words Wordbase battle. The break-trough word that secured Sofie ultimate victory was “EMNERNE”, the Danish word for subjects.

We reward both rookie-Wordies with a free Premium lifetime upgrade. Congratulation girls!

Thanks a million!

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for your support! We’ll continue to work to make Wordbase even better and there’s lots on the roadmap ahead, so continue to send us your feedback, comments and tweets. Here’s to the next million!

Best regards,

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Top 10 Wordbase players
Username Total Games Win Ratio
1. PamPhotographer 3035 34%
2. Kathleen 2828 79%
3. Linea 2584 48%
4. GailCrane 2364 67%
5. Ketty 2149 27%
6. connie 1871 67%
7. susannethobocarlsen 1843 45%
8. Sanne 1681 60%
9. Jannie 1662 43%
10. Hellehesselberg 1627 51%

From 0 to 1,000,000 games:

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