Wordbase 1 year Hip-Hip-Hooray

It’s with great excitement that we are able to celebrate 1-year anniversary for Wordbase today, together with all you lovely Wordbasers.

A little more than a year ago the young Danish twins Rune and Andreas came up with a great idea for the game Wordbase, a tactical word game that requires strategy, mind and patience. It’s fantastic to see how Wordbase has developed and grew since it was released 19th of December 2013.

Today, one year after, the game has been played more than 6.7 million times by more than half a million users who played more than 80 million words.

rune_andres {focus_keyword} Wordbase 1 year Hip-Hip-Hooray rune andres

Wordbase is blessed with a very strong and dedicated community, who are always willing to share with us great ideas for future features, suggestions, help regarding testing and informing us when there are things we can do better.

We simply love you guys and have new upcoming releases which we look forward to sharing with you! The Wordbase Team promises you lots of activity, competitions, features and more in the year to come, that will make it even more fun and challenging to play Wordbase.

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Happy Wordbasing to all of you and again, thank you for this first year 🙂