The Word Equilibrist – Wordbase Gamers, II

This type of player is extremely talented in the art of putting words together letter by letter.

If you are a lot like this player, you enjoy taking your time to search the board and reclaim those hidden 12-letter darlings.

Your goal is to win, of c0urse, but not until you’ve proved your ability to play lengthy words and loads of them!

Your favourite opponent: Someone, who is the same level as you. If “number of wins using 6 or more letters”, was a possible selection method, you’d choose every opponent this way.

Is this you, or someone you know? Why/Why not? Share your voice in the comments below!

If you feel that lengthy words gets in the way of a fast game, you might be one of the other Gamer types:
The Adventurous Foreigner , the Strategistthe Networker or the Fast One.