Happy holidays with Wordbase

Why “vacation” rhymes with “Wordbase”

Vacation leaves more time to play, to advance and to indulge in the moment. So despite the lack of phonetic agreement, we believe that the word “vacation” rhymes with “Wordbase”.

The summer holiday is just around the corner, what are you Wordbasers up to? For us, here at Wordbase, the holiday period offers both vacations abroad as well as staycations. The one thing we have in common, is that we’ll keep playing Wordbase.

If your desired vacation spot involves the seaside, you might want to supplement the old crossword puzzle with a quick game of Wordbase on your favorite device. The added bonus? Our Wordbase app doesn’t collect sand between its pages ;).

How it works

If you haven’t already got our popular wordgame, you can download it here. Go all-in and get the full package with the Premium version (unlimited battles awaits you) or play the free version (maximum 2 games at a time).

  • Sign in using Facebook, Game Center, Google+ or your E-mail account
  • Play against your friends, challenge your family before they have a dip or the one next to you on the beach
  • Show off your superior word knowledge and spell your way across the board
  • Use strategy, exploding black letters or cut off your opponent’s word-stream to rule
  • Win it by being the first one to conquer your opponent’s base

We wish you a happy holiday and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the blog in the comments below!


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