We have a new champion

After some riveting matches between mrbadexample and some daring Wordbasers, the battle field is finally silent and the winners have been found.

Mrbadexample tells us he had some pretty exciting matches and wishes to thank everyone for participating!

Most of the games he won but there were three games where even mrbadexample could do nothing about the skills of the challengers.

“I had a really intense game with the player Vanish,” mrbadexample explained.

“We both struggled to make progress for a long time on a board where it was difficult to find words over six letters.”

Mrbadexample grins and continues: “Suddenly Vanish played EXTINGUISHERS and that tipped the balance and I couldn’t recover…”

The other two defeats were against DrunkenMonkey and Sudzy007 who both won with words from six lines out.

“I didn’t spot either of the finishing words until it was too late,” mrbadexample shakes his head and looks defeated while he looks down.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if that hadn’t been one of the first pieces of advice I wrote. Failing to follow my own advice cost me both games!”

All three players: Vanish, DrunkenMonkey and Suszy007 won Premium for their own or a friend’s Wordbase account.

Mrbadexample will be licking his wounds until a possible next battle – but until then please have a look at his awesome Wordbase Guide for tips and tricks.

Congratulations to the winners and Happy Wordbasing to all!