The new Wordbase team

Today we can announce that Wordbase has a new owner and development team. Read on for an introduction to who we are and how we want to improve this amazing game!

We, the new team, have many years experience developing strategy games for the web. Our most important game is Hattrick, which is one of the most popular football manager games on the web, and it has hundreds of thousands of users all over the world.

HattrickLogo wordbase has a new owner The new Wordbase team HattrickLogo
When Aller, the previous owners of Wordbase, decided to leave the game business altogether late last year, we got the question if we might be interested in taking over. We immediately liked what we saw in Wordbase and the more we learned about the game and the community, the more interested we became. We think it is a great product as it is today, but one that still has a lot of room to improve as well. 

What we hope to bring to Wordbase is a lot of experience in operating strategy games that are community-driven. Perhaps the one concrete thing that we feel is most important to add to Wordbase is some sort of ranking or league system, that can give Wordbase users more opportunities to compete with friends and rivals. This is an area where we are very interested to hear your thoughts and ideas. But we also have several other ideas for the game that we think could make it more interesting and fun to play, while keeping the ease of use that we also think is very important.

For this reason we have set up a quick survey, which we encourage you are all to take. It should not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

In the first update we do to the app, which is released today, we are actually just updating the logo. But development work will be picked up now and we will keep you informed as that work gains speed. Of course we will continue updating dictionaries, fix bugs and so on, but also add new languages and build completely new features.

We are very happy and proud to be the new owners of Wordbase, and we hope that, in time, it will prove to be a positive experience for all Wordbase users as well. 

Happy Wordbasing =)