Changes to Wordbase Leagues & Premium

Hi everyone! Today, we roll out a few changes to the business model of Wordbase. It will no longer be possible to purchase Wordbase League participation with points. Instead, you can buy a 1 month or 3 month season ticket with money in the Shop The existing Premium product will no longer be available for … Continue reading

If you're into foreign languages

The Adventurous Foreigner – Wordbase Gamers, III

Regular, old-school native-tongue Wordbase isn’t enough for you, you want to push your vocabulary to the limits. You enjoy playing Wordbase in foreign languages, be it Danish, English (international), Norwegian, Finnish or Swedish. Your goal is to challenge your language proficiency. Your favourite opponent: Wordbase Premium is your friend, because it allows you to challenge … Continue reading

Which Wordbase Gamer are you?

Wordbase Gamers

When you play as much Wordbase, as we do, you start to notice the small differences, in the way people play the game. You uncover certain “gaming styles”. We believe there’re roughly 5 types of Wordbase Gamers, which you’re likely to meet or maybe discover in yourself: The Strategist The Word Equilibrist The Adventurous Foreigner … Continue reading