Releasing all Wordbase Leagues

New leagues in version 2.5

More and more Wordbase players enjoy our league mode – participation grew 50 % between April and May. For the June season, we welcome German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Turkish and Russian as new league systems. Now all Wordbase languages have their own leagues! In the 2.5 release we are also making a bunch of smaller updates to the … Continue reading

Happy holidays with Wordbase

Why “vacation” rhymes with “Wordbase”

Vacation leaves more time to play, to advance and to indulge in the moment. So despite the lack of phonetic agreement, we believe that the word “vacation” rhymes with “Wordbase”. The summer holiday is just around the corner, what are you Wordbasers up to? For us, here at Wordbase, the holiday period offers both vacations abroad … Continue reading