If you're into strategy

The Strategist – Wordbase Gamers, I

If you are a strategist, you have a habit of planning at least three moves ahead.

Your goal is to win the game using the lowest possible moves, and you will use power ups, only if they grant you a real advantage.

Your best match: A direct route to victory, would be to play against the Fast One, but you have to be careful, (s)he might surprise you playing words you wouldn’t have thought of, since (s)he isn’t ruled by strategy. Another match, might be the Word Equilibrist or the Adventurous Foreigner, both will test your ability to play strategic, and one, your command of foreign languages.


Is this you, or someone you know? Why/Why not? Share your voice in the comments below!

If strategy is not your thing, you might be one of the other Gamer types:
the Word Equilibrist , the Adventurous Foreigner , the Networker or the Fast One.