Points & Titles in Wordbase, oh my!

As you might have noticed you got a bunch of brand new points at our 1.4 version release. To be exact, we gifted you with some nice shiny points!

But why are we so generous, you might ponder – and why did we introduce points and titles in Wordbase, and what are they even for?



Points in Wordbase

From now on you will be able to earn points in Wordbase through playing. Every time you make a move in a game you earn points, and if you win you even earn extra bonus points.

At the very top left corner of the Wordbase screen, you’ll see your current storage of points. These are the points you can spend by playing new games or later on, spend on shopping sprees in the upcoming update (shush… this is still a secret …).

In your profile you will see another number of points. These are the points you’ve earned in total from when the point-system was introduced. This number can only increase – since it will be adding up all the points you earned through playing. The gift-points will not be included in this amount. It will only be the points you won fair and square!


Titles in Wordbase

The total amount of points can for example be used to keep an eye on how far you are from reaching one of the new titles.

The title-list is available when you go into your profile and click on your current title at the very top of the screen under your profile name. The default title is ‘Wordbaser’.

This list will show you all available titles and if you earned a title, you will be able to choose it in here as your public default title. In other words, it’s up to you to decide if your opponents should see you as ‘Friendly’ or ‘Victorious’ – but of course it requires that you unlocked the title first.

Underneath each title on the list there is a description that tells you how much and what is needed to unlock that specific title. Some of these require you to earn a certain amount of points in total, or to win a certain number of games.

What are you waiting for? Play Wordbase now – conquer your friends, earn points and achieve all the cool titles before them!