Releasing all Wordbase Leagues

New leagues in version 2.5

More and more Wordbase players enjoy our league mode – participation grew 50 % between April and May. For the June season, we welcome German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Turkish and Russian as new league systems. Now all Wordbase languages have their own leagues!
In the 2.5 release we are also making a bunch of smaller updates to the app, mostly related to the leagues.
  • We have added a League badge on the player profile view, which will be shown whenever you are actively participating in a league.
  • You can now join Leagues by using the game mode carousel in the main view of the app – no longer necessary to join through the Settings page.
  • We have removed the 6 month option for League subscription in the shop.
  • We have added several new push messages, following feedback from users. You will now be notified when your subscription ends, as well as if you have won your league.
Anyone in Wordbase can join (or leave) the league system of their choice at any time, or for that matter move from one league to another. Please just remember that leagues run by calendar seasons, so if you switch the new season will only start at the beginning of June. And if you switch from one league to another, you will start at Level 1 in the new league.