Meet Wordbase’s new Mascot, Mr. Words!

May we introduce you to Mr. Words, Wordbase’s new tutorial guide. In a friendly and helpful way he will show you how to play Wordbase when you are new to the game, but you can always find him in the settings if you need an extra lesson!



Just follow Mr. Words’ instructions and you will become a Wordbaser in no time. Be aware that he is a little old-school, Mr. Words, and like everyone else he likes to show how clever he is with words – he might also become slightly annoyed if you cut off his string of letters! Or even more if you beat him in the tutorial. But in the end even Mr. Words needs to learn to be humble when playing against someone more clever.

As our new Wordbase Mascot you might not have heard the last of Mr. Words, and we hope you will enjoy the company of your new acquaintance!

Happy Wordbasing =)


Mr.Words Wordbase Meet Wordbase's new Mascot, Mr. Words! Mr