Fun Game Modes in Wordbase and a Point Shop

Wordbase has now become more than the Classic game battles with words! We have included some fun game modes in Wordbase that add an extra twist to the game.

The three new types of Wordbase battles; Timed, Bomb and Wager games open up completely new games within the game – so, get ready to fall in love with word games all over again!



Timed Games
Are you frustrated about waiting for your opponents to respond? Do you sit and stare at the game list impatiently waiting for the next move?

Now you can invite friends or random opponents for a quick match that really puts your brain to a test of quick thinking. 5 minutes is the new maximum turn time in this game mode that will push your stress level to its limits.

Bomb Games
Never have explosions been so fun! This game mode will add bombs to the game and new super bombs that blow away extra tiles on the board.

It can be challenging to try and get all the mines on the board or perhaps a personal goal to be able to start a chain reaction.

Wager Games
Are you the best Wordbaser out there? Do you dare to prove your skills? Now you can bet about it! Invite your friends or random opponent for a Wager game and stake points on your success.

How far do you dare to go and how many times do you need to convince your opponents that you are the ultimate unbeaten champion?

GameModes Fun Game Modes in Wordbase Fun Game Modes in Wordbase and a Point Shop GameModes1

Game Shop
The Classic games in Wordbase are still free to play as a Premium member and for normal players, you can play 2  free simultaneous games without having to share on Facebook, watch a video or pay points.

The extra game modes require points to get started, and you earn points by playing Wordbase and extra points by winning. But should you lack points it is now possible to purchase points in the new point shop, which you can access through ‘Shop’ at the top right corner. There are different point packages to suit your needs.

Happy Wordbasing 😉