Few things to cover

Hello Wordbasers!

It’s been a while since our last update, so we have quite a few things to cover. We will talk some iOS10, go through the results of our user survey and then just mention a little bit about what will happen in the coming months, as well.

The first half of this year has been mostly about behind the scenes work for us, bringing over the responsibility for the app from the previous owners and the consultants they used, to our own team. From now on, we will be able to work more actively with the Wordbase game as well.

Support for iOS10

Our priority right now, though, is to make sure the app is working well for users that have upgraded to the new iOS10. The new version of iOS broke a few features in the game, and we are sorry for the annoyance this has brought to our iOS users. We have made progress on this faster than we originally hoped, but there are still a few more glitches to test before we can push the new version out. But it is coming, as soon as we can manage, so please be patient!

What users want now: The survey

We have run a user survey for several months now, and many hundreds of you have stepped up and told us what you think about the game. Thanks a lot for all the feedback we’ve received! It is very helpful to us and we will certainly take these findings to heart.

It is clear by your suggestions that the most important thing for the Wordbase user is the core functionality of the Wordbase boards and dictionaries. Many of you are asking for faster dictionary updates and better feedback when new words are suggested. This makes a lot of sense and will be acted on.

The language most in need is obviously Finnish. This is the largest active language in Wordbase and there are a lot of pending words to be added. We will make a special priority to make the necessary updates to Wordbase for our Finnish community in coming months!

Another common request is an option to block abusive users. Today you can mute the chat, of course, but we will also add a way to block users so that they can’t be matched with you in future games as well.

What about wishes for the actual game?

More boards types and new languages are at the top of your wish list, as well as more achievements. Of these three, languages and achievements are the easiest for us to add, but we are keen to experiment with new types of boards as well, but that will at least not happen this year.

As for completely new features, we asked you to rank some new ideas we have. You could answer in four categories, ranging from very positive to positive, neutral or negative. What we show here is the two first categories combined.

Unique Board Types (85 % positive)

Solo Game Mode (68 % positive)

League System (63 % positive)

Side-by-Side Two-Player Game Mode (56 % positive)

We think this shows a healthy curiosity about how the Wordbase experience can be evolved, and we think the response to all of the above are promising enough to keep them in the running for future design work.

That’s all for now. Next week, I will post again, and tell you more about our current project for Wordbase, which happens to be one of the last four mentioned.

See you then!