How to play (8)

Why can I only play 2 games at the same time?

You are only able to play more than 2 games at the same time if you are a premium player. If you are not a premium player, fear not! Every time you share Wordbase to your facebook friends you receive 1 extra free simultaneous game 🙂

How do I resign from a game?

Slide the game to the left when looking at the list with currently active games. Afterwards you will be able to resign the game.
resign {focus_keyword} How do I resign from a game? resign

Watch how to resign or delete a game

How does the scoring work in Wordbase?

{focus_keyword} How does the scoring work in Wordbase? Wordbase Score
Your score is calculated by four factors:

  • Number of words played.
  • The percentage of the battlefield which you dominate.
  • Average word length.
  • The number of your explosions.

The equation is as follows: the number of words played, plus the percentage of the battlefield you dominate, plus the average wordlength and the number of explosions times 10. If you win the game, you also receive a bonus of 75 points.

Your score will be added to your profile, and you can use your points for one of our game modes; Timed, Wager, Bombs and League, or to start Classic games if you’re not premium..

How can I practice Wordbase by myself?

At the moment you can practice Wordbase by playing one of our bots (MaskedBot, MoustacheBot, SadBot, ShinyBot, SmallBot and StrongBot).

How do I win against my opponent?

The battlefield consists of two bases. Each player has a base. You win by making a chain of words to the opponents base.

how to win {focus_keyword} How do I win against my opponent? how to win

how to win

How do I conquest a word?

Words are made by pressing the letters. You can only start making a word from a letter you own (which means: a letter with a background in your own color). After you have conquested a word you own the fields in the word.

conquest word {focus_keyword} How do I conquest a word? create a word

conquest word

How do I remove a game?

{focus_keyword} How do I remove a game? delete
You are able to remove a game from the list of completed games by sliding the game to the left and then pressing the “delete” button.

What are the black squares on the battlefield?

{focus_keyword} What are the black squares on the battlefield? letter bomb
These squares are the so called “letter-bombs”. If you conquest a word with this letter the bomb explodes and conquests the nearby letters.

General (5)

72 hours of inactivity will make the player lose

If a player is inactive for more than 72 hours that player will lose the game by default.

What do I get, if I buy the upgrade to premium?

Wordbase is available in a free version with a limit of 2 simultaneous games. A premium version is available for US $4.99, enabling you to play an unlimited number of simultaneous games. Later on, premium users will get some more cool features to enjoy.

I can’t find Wordbase from my iPad

Many people cannot find Wordbase from their iPad through the app store. This happens because Wordbase is not a native iPad app but (right now) only an iPhone app. You are therefore only able to search for Wordbase if you look for iPhone apps in appstore. You can do that by doing the following:

1) Search for “Wordbase” in the iPad App Store.

2) Choose “Only iPhone apps”

We are however working on a native iPad app which will be released very soon.

I would like to test the upcoming version of Wordbase!

Would you like to be a beta tester and get the newest features before everyone else? Follow this tutorial if you are an iPhone user and follow this link if you are an Android user.

Known issues (2)

I cannot connect to my Facebook friend who has Wordbase

Issue: I try to start a game with my Facebook friend who has Wordbase, however, he does not show up at “New Game” -> “Play against friend” -> “Wordbase friends”.

It can sometimes take a while to load your Facebook friends. We are working to fix this.

Solution: You should be able to temporarily solve the issue by doing the following.

1) Restart Wordbase and try again.

If the above does not work, please try to reinstall the app from App Store.

If you still have problems after trying the above, please contact us at support@wordbaseapp.com.

I received the move-notification but not the move

Issue: I received the notification which said that my opponent made a move but when I open Wordbase the move doesn’t show.

Solution: There is the following you can do to solve this problem:

– If you have trouble seeing if it’s your turn, you can always pull the list of games down when you have the overview of all your games on the screen. This is a manual way to update.

– Log out and back in.

– Kill the app: To kill an app running in the background or force it to quit, double-click on the Home button to access the new app switcher or multitasking tray and then swipe up on the app that you want to close. If you have an Android phone, google for ‘How to kill apps on Android’ as the solution may vary depending on what phone you have.

– Reinstall: When you reinstall Wordbase, you will lose the list with finished games, but everything else will remain including active games. Before reinstalling it is a good idea to add a mail and password in your profile (Edit login) if you didn’t already.


Word lists (2)

I have found a word that is not in the word list. What do I do?

Found a missing or nonsense word in Wordbase?

Suggest words to the proofreading list »

When you add a word to the proofreading list, your word will be read through and either declined or accepted and added to the Wordbase Dictionary.

Thank you so much for helping us improving Wordbase.

Which languages can you play Wordbase in?

You can play Wordbase in English (international), Danish, Spanish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, French, Dutch, Turkish, Russian and German. Enjoy!

Common issues (4)

How to cancel or give up a game

You can always cancel an invite if the opponent didn’t yet accept the invitation.

To cancel an invite swipe to the left with a finger on the game in the game list and click on ‘Cancel invitation’.

You do not lose the game if you cancel an invitation and if you paid points to start the game, the points will be transferred back to you again.

However, if the opponent already accepted the invitation you are not able to cancel the game anymore but only able to ‘Give up’. In that case you will lose the game and the points, you paid to start it.

cancel {focus_keyword} How to cancel or give up a game cancel

I bought premium but nothing happened!

{focus_keyword} I bought premium but nothing happened! settings
 I have bought premium and the money has been taken from my credit card. However I’m still only able to play 2 games at the same time.

This did most likely happen because you lost your internet-connection for at few seconds after you bought premium.

Solution: Do the following to get your premium status:

1) Go to the settings in Wordbase and click “Restore purchase”.

2) If this does not fix your issues, please go to the settings in Wordbase and click “Support”. Send a mail to support@wordbaseapp.com and tell us your username. Then, if you have bought premium, we will upgrade you manually.

The game doesn’t update automatically

Issue: You are not notified when your opponent makes a move. You need to manually refresh the boards.

Solution: You have probably disabled push notifications. If you want to enable or disable notifications, go to the settings on your iPhone or iPad. Here you can manage the notifications, and choose which type of notifications you would like to receive. If you choose “Banners” notifications will be sent to you. If you choose “None” you will not recieve any notifications.

iPhone_settings {focus_keyword} The game doesn't update automatically iPhone settings


iPhone_notificationcenter {focus_keyword} The game doesn't update automatically iPhone notificationcenter


on {focus_keyword} The game doesn't update automatically photo 4


Server errors

Issue: You are getting red error messages and/or your words aren’t received/sent to the opponent.

Solution: This may be due to either of these areas:

1) Your internet connection: Please open the webbrowser and insure that you are connected to the internet. Open wordbase again and pull the gamelist downwards to force Wordbase to update from the servers.

2) An error in the Wordbase app: We are aware of some issues in Wordbase which results in corrupted games. Please reinstall the app to solve this issue. We are working every day to fix these issues.

3) An error on our servers: Our team monitors the server’s performance to insure that every request succeeds.

If you still have problems after trying the above, please contact us at support@wordbaseapp.com.