Changes to Wordbase Leagues & Premium

Hi everyone!

Today, we roll out a few changes to the business model of Wordbase.

It will no longer be possible to purchase Wordbase League participation with points. Instead, you can buy a 1 month or 3 month season ticket with money in the Shop
The existing Premium product will no longer be available for purchase. If you already own it, it will continue to work as before.
Premium will be replaced by a new product, Gold. Gold also gives unlimited Classic games, but it will work as a non-renewable subscription. Gold will expire after 6 months, and you need to buy it again.

The reason for all of this is, quite simply, that we need to improve the economics of the game. We have a core of really committed users that are almost all Premiums. We love the fact that they have paid for the game they love, but it also presents a problem for us since our most loyal users don’t generate any new money for the business. They sit on loads of points and generate more all the time, and use those points to pay for their League participation as well.

We will not change the way the core game works for our Premium users, but we need to think differently around the League system. This was a new development we did, and it costs us extra money to run every month. You see, the Wordbase Leagues has a core of a few thousand really dedicated users, but it generates almost no new money for the company, since payment is done with the aforementioned points already generated within the system.

With these changes, we make the Leagues a product in it’s own right and it allows us to understand if it is viable to keep it around. If it isn’t, we may discontinue the Leagues and concentrate on the core game instead.

We are also discontinuing the existing Premium product, instead replacing it with a new one, Gold, which gives you the same advantages as Premium but only for 6 months at a time. By making this change, we make sure that any new users that come to Wordbase can still enjoy a Premium-type unlimited access to Classic games, while still making sure that there is recurring revenue for the company as well.

We hope you see the rationale behind these changes!

Please enjoy the game,

The Wordbase Team