Wordbase 1.0 GM

* Fixed some premium user issues. * Loading screen when creating game. * Post to Facebook working (it is actually going to post a test message, but it can be deleted.) * Version number and logos in settings. * Restore purchase. * Changed section titles on find opponent screen. * Updated text on premium screen. … Continue reading

Beta bug fix release #5

* Fixed some issues regarding whose turn it is in a game. * Fixed an underlying data issue which would cause the game to lock up. * Fixed an issue where words would be played that wasn’t played. * Updated letter sounds. * Fixed an issue where premium purchase would crash under IAP simulation.

Beta bug fix release #4

* Real IAP has been implemented, but simulated purchases are still enabled. * You can now create two games at a time, and if you create more, you will see the IAP screen. You can either purchase premium or post on Facebook (not yet implemented, but you can still use it.) * Updated graphics when … Continue reading

Beta bug fix release #3

* Fixed a bug where the list of games would blink. * Fixed a bug where your user profile would show 0 games won, 0 games lost. * Added some missing localizations. * Added new animation for press down on tiles. * Added new animation for explosions. * Fixed a bug with the premium view … Continue reading

Beta bug fix release #2

* Premium: you have 20 games to play before you need to buy premium (don’t worry – you can just get it for free in this version). * Change language from the settings screen! * Fixed a bug where you could play words already played. * Fixed a bug where the win screen would show … Continue reading

Wordbase weekly beta release #5

What’s new: * Awesome tutorial (view from settings.) * Send Facebook requests. * Updated sounds * Real data on profile screen. * Press opponent picture in the game screen. * Shows the tutorial the first time you create a new game. * Tutorial localized and optimized for non-iPhone 5 screens. * Correct error message when … Continue reading

Beta bug fix release #1

Both Danish and English supported! When you create a new game, the language of the board will be the same as your system language. Use the ··· button to check which language the board is in. This is also mostly a bug fix release. There’s a ton of fixes and improvements to the game state, … Continue reading

Wordbase weekly beta release #4

You can now invite people to play! Currently it will display all the testers, but in the final version it will show your Facebook friends. Invites will be shown as white in the top of the games list. The graphics for this are not final. Also, currently your own games will show up as challenges. … Continue reading

Wordbase weekly beta release #3

Wordbase 0.4 is finally here with lots of new goodies: * Notifications should work now * In-app notifications * Bases are highlighted * Mines on the field, explodes in a + shape * Danish wordlist * Enhanced performance, doesn’t hang the app when reloading all games * Shows last played word in the game * … Continue reading

Wordbase weekly beta release #2

The next big update for Wordbase is ready! We have had a very busy week implementing a lot of new stuff, and it’s now finally ready. The new things in this version is: * ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! You are now able to play with other people in Wordbase! Start a new game, and you will be … Continue reading