We’re closing 2020-02-01

Dear Wordbase community, Earlier this year we announced that the Wordbase journey is coming to an end, as the game has been unprofitable for many years. The first step will be that we close down the league system at the end of December. No new league seasons will be created after the current season. We … Continue reading

End of the Wordbase journey

As we have been unable to make Wordbase profitable, we have decided to start preparing for the game to close down. We will stop selling new subscriptions for Gold and League as of today. A final date for the closure of Wordbase has not been set yet. What we can say now is that the … Continue reading

Changes to Wordbase Leagues & Premium

Hi everyone! Today, we roll out a few changes to the business model of Wordbase. It will no longer be possible to purchase Wordbase League participation with points. Instead, you can buy a 1 month or 3 month season ticket with money in the Shop The existing Premium product will no longer be available for … Continue reading

Releasing all Wordbase Leagues

New leagues in version 2.5

More and more Wordbase players enjoy our league mode – participation grew 50 % between April and May. For the June season, we welcome German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Turkish and Russian as new league systems. Now all Wordbase languages have their own leagues! In the 2.5 release we are also making a bunch of smaller updates to the … Continue reading

Points & Titles in Wordbase, oh my!

As you might have noticed you got a bunch of brand new points at our 1.4 version release. To be exact, we gifted you with some nice shiny points! But why are we so generous, you might ponder – and why did we introduce points and titles in Wordbase, and what are they even for? … Continue reading

Wordbase 1 year Hip-Hip-Hooray

It’s with great excitement that we are able to celebrate 1-year anniversary for Wordbase today, together with all you lovely Wordbasers. A little more than a year ago the young Danish twins Rune and Andreas came up with a great idea for the game Wordbase, a tactical word game that requires strategy, mind and patience. … Continue reading

We have a new champion

After some riveting matches between mrbadexample and some daring Wordbasers, the battle field is finally silent and the winners have been found. Mrbadexample tells us he had some pretty exciting matches and wishes to thank everyone for participating! Most of the games he won but there were three games where even mrbadexample could do nothing … Continue reading

The Broken Egg

Hi, it’s mrbadexample again. I run www.wordbaseguide.co.uk, a Wordbase strategy guide. The kind folks at Wordbase have asked me to write some guest blogs for them. Win free Premium access On top of that I’ve agreed on battling the first 50 of you fellow Wordbasers who challenge me. If you beat me you win free … Continue reading