If you're into foreign languages

The Adventurous Foreigner – Wordbase Gamers, III

Regular, old-school native-tongue Wordbase isn’t enough for you, you want to push your vocabulary to the limits.

You enjoy playing Wordbase in foreign languages, be it Danish, English (international), Norwegian, Finnish or Swedish.

Your goal is to challenge your language proficiency.

Your favourite opponent: Wordbase Premium is your friend, because it allows you to challenge random opponents in different languages. You’d love to run into the Word Equilibrist or maybe the Fast One, for a quick challenge.

Is this you, or someone you know? Why/Why not? Share your voice in the comments below!


If multi-lingual players aren’t your thing, you might be one of the other Gamer types:
the Word Equilibrist , the Strategist,  the Networker or the Fast One.